FMHS 9th graders compare cars to toys to learn true scale factor

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Chris Dunlap’s Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) Geometry students recently took a field trip outside Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus to measure a Ford Mustang loaned by Sam Pack Five Star Ford in Lewisville for the day.

“I’m tying this lesson to a real-world application instead of just asking my students to look at a picture or numbers to compare,” Dunlap said.

“I want to give them hands-on experience and I think this project is more engaging to them.”

For the project, students obtained 25 measurements and averages to determine the true scale factor/ratio between a real Ford Mustang and a Matchbox Mustang – donated to Dunlap’s class thanks to Wal-Mart.

“I’ve never completed a project like this before,” student Anisha Reddy said.

“I think it is nice to get out of the classroom and apply our knowledge versus just taking notes.

To finalize the project, students used their Lewisville ISD-issued, via LISD’s 1:X initiative, to take pictures of each measurement.

Then, they printed them out and glued them to a poster with detailed explanations of what was measured and its comparison ratio for display.

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