Liberty Christian president part of delegation to D.C.

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With more than 23,000 schools from 100 countries, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) asked Liberty Christian’s Dr. Rodney Haire to be part of a delegation of 20 headmasters to Washington, D.C., Sept. 16–17.

Dr. Haire met with Congressman Michael Burgess in person, as well as the legal assistants of Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Ted Cruz.

“I was very impressed with all three offices where I had appointments,” said Dr. Haire. “They were all very receptive in our discussions.”

ACSI, being the largest academic school organization in the world, brought these 20 school presidents together to visit with members of Congress about issues of education and religious freedom.

Among the talking points of the meetings, Dr. Haire discussed the Health Care Conscience Rights Act legislation that has been introduced to provide clarity and relief to religious employers regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.     

Dr. Haire included his concern over the topic of tax reform that aims to lower deductions of charitable giving, which could lower donations given to nonprofits that rely on gifts to continue their work of helping and serving in communities across the United States. As a powerful voice, ACSI is asking Congress to preserve the current charitable deduction.

The third item on the agenda was the discussion of the Choice Act, which seeks to expand opportunities and foster success by providing students and parents greater choice when it comes to education. Dr. Haire and ACSI are in favor of this act, and he wanted input from Cruz, Cornyn, and Burgess’ office.

Dr. Haire said his meetings were all very positive. His concern from the trip came from his colleagues from less conservative states whose congressional offices refused to see them.

“I had very productive meetings, and I wish that my ACSI colleagues from other states would have received the same positive reception,” he said.

“I am honored ACSI would choose me to make this important visit to Capitol Hill,” he continued. “I would like to see more of our graduates from Liberty go to Washington, D.C., to be a voice for our country. I truly believe they are our only hope for real change.”

Vivian Nichols oversees communications for Liberty Christian School.


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