Liberty Christian DanzTeam wins awards at training camps

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Liberty Christian’s DanzTeam members prepared for the school year in two different intense training camps this summer.

Officers won numerous awards at the Half-Time Entertainment (HTE) Dance Officer training camp and competition in June in Richardson, Texas.

Approximately 370 officers from different teams attended this camp, including Liberty’s Peyton Garrett, Lauren Kazemba, Paige Lytle, Kennedy Niewolny, Kirie Psaromatis, and Maddie Ramirez.

For the fifth year in a row, Liberty’s officers won “Outstanding Choreography,” which is an award given to teams that demonstrate exceptional choreography in their original choreography piece.

They were also awarded the “Spirit Stick,” given because of their support for the other teams.
Officers also had the opportunity to audition for the dance and kick academies.

Paige Lytle and Kirie Psaromatis qualified for the Dance Academy, and Maddie Ramirez qualified for the Kick Academy.

In July, the entire DanzTeam attended the HTE Dance Team training camp in Richardson, Texas, and 18 teams were in attendance.

“The team camp instantly captured the hearts of the DanzTeam,” said Director Julie Price. “Our team members learned to focus on each other, and it helped create a common desire to achieve as team.” 

Charlotte Copeland, Lauren Kazemba, Maddie Ramirez, and Kylie Trost qualified for the Dance Academy. Maddy Collins, Lauren Kazemba, Abbie Kiser, Paige Lytle, Kirie Psaromatis, and Kylie Trost qualified for the Kick Academy.

Qualifiers from both academies from the Officer Camp and the Team Camp are invited to perform in Paris, France, during Spring Break next March. 

“We had more Academy Winners from Liberty than any other school at this camp,” said Mrs. Price. “In fact, it was the most we have ever had in my past 16 years as director.”

Kirie Psaromatis was awarded the “Monster Motivator Award,” given for learning the routine quickly, showing leadership skills, and helping others.

Based in Irving, Texas, HTEDance and Spirit Group, Inc., specializes in training students in a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of dance teams, drill teams, and cheerleading squads.

Vivian Nichols handles communications for Liberty Christian School.

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