Foodie Friday: Italian food at Alforno’s with our contest winners!

Friday was an AWESOME Foodie Friday – we got to head to lunch with two of our three Foodie Friday “Dinner’s On Us” Contest winners to enjoy a great meal and made some wonderful new friends along the way! I just love how food can bring people together.

So, first things first – we’d like to publicly congratulate our three contest winners and want to thank everyone who submitted entries! If we could have given all of you a gift certificate to your favorite restaurants, we would have.


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Barbara Bailey Younginer (middle)
RUNNER-UP: Teresa DeWitt (right)
RUNNER-UP: Chad Sexton (not pictured)

We hope you all enjoy your dinner out courtesy of The Jay Marks Team!

So, as we mentioned, Barbara and Theresa joined us today for some delicious and authentic Italian food at Alforno’s in South Flower Mound. We’ve been fans of Alforno’s for a long time and enjoy heading there during the day to have team lunch meetings, so we figured it was probably time to share this gem with all of you!

When we arrived, we were greeted by owner Robert Petrovitch and his staff, who were all thrilled to serve us some of their favorite and most popular dishes for lunch.

Alforno’s opened in Flower Mound almost 20 years ago in 1996 and has been serving delicious Italian food to residents ever since. Robert’s wife grew up in Bari, Italy and Robert studied and worked in Rome for a few years, learning recipes he has used in his restaurant ever since. He also has experience working at some world-famous restaurants in New York and New Jersey – Mama Leone’s and Berta’s Chateau.

We love the passion Robert has for his business and the food he prepares. He’s there early in the mornings helping the kitchen staff prep for the day. And they only use fresh and authentic ingredients to create their dishes which is why they taste so great! Robert says their pasta sauce tastes unlike any other, made with fresh ingredients like carrots, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Naturally, after talking to Robert, we were really excited to try some of his food, so we all just kind of suggested dishes we might like to have and Robert and his staff put together a great menu for us to enjoy!

They served us Lasagna, Eggplant Roll-Ups, Veal Parmesan, Penne Vodka, Chicken Marsala and Seafood Ravioli. Everything we tried was INCREDIBLE. I went back and got seconds and everyone else loaded up their plate with all of the different entrees.

And all of our Foodie Friday guests kept commenting throughout the meal on how great the food was and how they’d have to make it a point to bring their husbands and kids back to Alforno’s for family dinner and date night. So, take it from some fellow Foodies – give this Flower Mound institution a try if you’re looking for a new Italian restaurant to try in the area!

We’re so grateful for all of you who read our blog each week and make suggestions of new places we should try! Keep up the good work and we promise to keep reviewing local restaurants and giving you ideas of places to try as well!

Have a great weekend, Foodies! Eat well!

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