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I’d like to recognize and thank Officer Michael Martinez for his service to the Town of Double Oak and the citizens of Denton County. Officer Martinez has left our department and accepted a position with Dallas County Schools. His experience as a veteran police officer and Army reservist will be missed by our community and department. Thank you for your professionalism and commitment to service, Officer Martinez.

I’d also like to introduce Officer Shawn Chelf. Shawn has been with us since August 2013 as a reserve peace officer. Shawn has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a Master Peace Officer certification, eight years of experience with other agencies, is an Army National Guard veteran and most recently was employed as a fraud investigator for a major bank. Officer Chelf brings investigative skill sets and municipal law enforcement experience that will undoubtedly benefit the residents of Double Oak.

School zones are active throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. Please watch out for young people walking or biking to school and remember that cell phone usage is prohibited in school zones.
We have lately responded to a number of family disturbances within and outside of Double Oak. If you are the subject of unwanted physical violence and abuse, from a family member or dating partner, please understand that help truly is a phone call away.  The following contained in italics is from the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 5.01, Art. 5.04 and Art. 5.045. 

Art. 5.01.  Legislative Statement.  “(a) Family violence is a serious danger and threat to society and its members.  Victims of family violence are entitled to the maximum protection from harm or abuse or the threat of harm or abuse as is permitted by law.”  “(b)  In any law enforcement, prosecutorial, or judicial response to allegations of family violence, the responding law enforcement or judicial officers shall protect the victim, without regard to the relationship between the alleged offender and victim.”  Bottom line officers are going to try to take action to protect the victim of family or dating violence.

Art. 5.04.  Duties of Peace Officers.  “The primary duties of a peace officer who investigates a family violence allegation or who responds to a disturbance call that may involve family violence are to protect any potential victim of family violence, enforce the law of this state, enforce a protective order from another jurisdiction as provided by Chapter 88, Family Code, and make lawful arrests of violators.”

Most departments have proactive policies regarding family violence. At the very least, officers are obligated to investigate and document allegations of family violence. Oftentimes an arrest will result from the allegation. Law enforcement can also provide information about protective orders, shelters and family counseling. Denton County has a social services tab on their website.


Please tell the investigating peace officer if you, your child, or any other household resident has been injured or if you feel you are going to be in danger when the officer leaves or later. You have the right to: ASK the local prosecutor to file a criminal complaint against the person committing family violence (law enforcement will be glad to help you with filing the complaint); and APPLY to a court for an order to protect you (you should consult a legal aid office, a prosecuting attorney or a private attorney). If a family or household member assaults you and is arrested, you may request that a magistrate’s order for emergency protection be issued. 

Simply put, protective orders give responding officers the ability to arrest offenders who attempt to commit further acts of violence, threaten, harass or contact victims at home and often directs them to leave the household and can even establish temporary custody of children and directs the abuser not to interfere with children or property.

Living with an abuser is miserable. Law enforcement is on your side. Please take the opportunity of our resources to change your environment.      

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Recent Police Calls

Disturbance — 1000 block of James Price Court, Bartonville — Double Oak Officer dispatched to assist Bartonville with a disturbance. Parties were separated and officer remained on scene until Bartonville arrived.

Abandoned Vehicle — 200 block of Timberview Drive, Double Oak — A resident reported an unknown car parked on their property. Officer tracked down the owner/operator of the vehicle and had them remove the car.

Ordinance Violation (fireworks) — 400 block of Oak Trail, Double Oak — Unknown person setting off fireworks resulting in horses being spooked. The horse owner was concerned about the equines. Officer was unable to locate the source of the fireworks.

Criminal Mischief — 100 block of North Woodland Trail, Double Oak — A resident reported that a suspect had left feminine hygiene products, chocolate syrup and a dead fish in their driveway.

Injured Animal – 200 block of Kings Road, Double Oak — A motorist reported having witnessed a car strike and kill a deer in Flower Mound. Flower Mound animal services was contacted.

Suspicious Activity — 8200 block of Justin Road, Double Oak — Officer was on patrol when reports of suspicious activity behind a nearby church were received. Upon investigation, it was determined that workers were striping a parking lot behind the church.

Traffic Complaint — 100 block of Oak Trail, Double Oak — A report regarding speeding dirt bikes was received. Officer was unable to locate the motorists.

Welfare Concern — 6000 block of Dixon Lane, Flower Mound — A retired police officer reported a young child walking alone on a busy roadway in Flower Mound. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the child was seven years of age and her mother was nearby.

Assist Agency — 500 block of Branch Crossing, Lantana — Double Oak Officer provided cover for a deputy conducting a vehicle search.

Shots Fired — 100 block of Kings Road, Double Oak — Reports of a male shooting a gun. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the homeowner had been using a pellet gun. No criminal complaint filed.

Reckless Damage — 100 block of Kings Road, Double Oak — Officer was dispatched to the scene of a damaged guard rail. It was apparent the guard rail had been damaged by a vehicle. The motorist later notified the police department that they had run into the guardrail and took responsibility for the damages.

Alarm — 300 block of Oak Trail, Double Oak — Residential alarm probably triggered by the weather.

Traffic Hazard — 5000 block of Lusk Lane, Flower Mound — A motorist reported untrimmed trees obstructing the roadway. Officer contacted Flower Mound regarding their concerns about untrimmed trees.

Fireworks — 500 block of Porter Road, Bartonville — Initial call was for shots fired.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the subjects were using fireworks.

Motorist Assist — 500 block of Waketon Road, Double Oak — A passerby reported a suspicious person walking down the road without shoes and dressed in black. Upon further investigation, it was determined that she had locked her keys in a vehicle at WalMart and was walking home. Double Oak Officer gave her a ride home to Flower Mound.

Accident — 9100 block of Justin Road, Denton County — Double Oak Officer witnessed a car rear-end a bicyclist. An ambulance and a county deputy were summoned to the scene. 

Criminal Mischief — 100 block of Highview, Double Oak — A
resident reported that their trees had been toilet papered.

Accident — 100 block of Highview, Bartonville — A motorist struck a mailbox and remained on scene for police arrival. A passenger fled on foot (and we’re not sure why).

911 Hangup — 400 block of Country Court, Bartonville — A faulty phone accidentally dialed 911.

Accident — 7100 block of Justin Road, Copper Canyon — Double Oak PD assisted a sheriff’s deputy with a motor vehicle accident.

Solicitor Complaint — 100 block of High Oaks Drive, Double Oak — A resident reported a male going door to door without a valid solicitor’s permit.

Suspicious Person — 200 block of Waketon Ext., Double Oak — A witness reported a male loading equipment in the bed of a truck at a construction site. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the man was the homeowner.

Alarm — 6200 block of Pepperport Lane, Double Oak — Officer found an open door, searched the interior, found no sign of criminal activity and secured the building after making contact with the owner.

Abandoned Vehicle — 100 block of McMakin, Double Oak — A silver minivan was found sitting next to the boat shop with expired registration and inspection with front end damage and airbag deployment.  Further investigation led the officer to believe it had been recently purchased at a vehicle auction.

Suspicious Person — 700 block of Simmons Road, Double Oak — A witness reported an unknown person entering a house construction site.  Upon further investigation, it was determined to be the homeowner.

Alarm — 100 block of McMakin Road, Bartonville — A cleaning crew accidentally triggered the alarm.

Shots Fired — 6200 block of Pepperport Lane, Double Oak — A witness reported gunshots. Officer was unable to locate the sound of the shots.

Alarm — 100 block of Shady Oaks Lane, Double Oak — Officers responded to a panic alarm which was accidentally triggered by the homeowner.

Suspicious Persons — 100 block of Foxtrot, Double Oak — Officer observed multiple males at the lake in Taylor Oaks. Upon further investigation, it was determined to be people fishing.

Shots Fired — 1500 block of Alton Road, Denton County — Denton County requested assistance with investigation into a shots fired report off of Old Alton Road. Officer did not locate any suspects.

Noise Complaint — 200 block of Thornhill Circle, Double Oak — Caller reported a band playing loudly at a house under construction. Officer spoke with the homeowner who had his son reduce the noise level.

Animal Complaint — 300 block of Lake Trail Court, Double Oak — A resident reported having found a small black and brown dog with no tags. Animal control was notified.

Burglary of a Building — 400 block of South U.S. Hwy 377, Argyle — Double Oak officer assisted with burglary of a building investigation.

Assist Agency — 3600 block of Waketon Road, Flower Mound — Double Oak officer provided cover to Flower Mound officer during investigation of a disturbance due to an officer shortage.

Alarm — 100 block of Creek Side Drive, Double Oak — Officers responded to an alarm call and detected no signs of criminal activity.


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