Saturday, September 18, 2021

Letter: Bridlewood Golf Course needs better maintenance

The Bridlewood Golf course used to be a great neighbor until the new ownership took over. They have decided that they will do very little to maintain the rough. Weeds have grown as high as 5 feet behind my house.

Tall weeds are known to harbor mosquitoes which cause West Nile virus. They are also a haven for grasshoppers that eat our plants and now there are ants on their course and I am unable to keep them out of my yard, no matter how many times I treat my yard. We have also seen an increase in snakes and rats.

I have written and called numerous times and they have never called me back. I have turned in notes to FM Code Enforcement and they say they are trying to work with the course to get them to maintain the course.Yesterday, for the first time in a year, they mowed some of the rough but nothing behind my house.

Neighbors don’t want to complain on sites like Yelp for fear of what bad press will do for the course and the value of their homes. No one would be willing to buy my home because the lot view you pay a premium for is no longer maintained. I have appealed to the HOA. They have sent notes to the course as well but they can do little to help other than tell me to write to code enforcement.

I have had people tell me they no longer play this course and go to Tour 18 because their course is better maintained.

I understand that we moved to the rough, but we never thought a golf course would be allowed to maintain the course the way they do. It is embarrassing to live in Bridlewood now.

Gail Houston
Flower Mound, TX

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