LISD welcomes 52,300 students eager to learn

This year, we’ve opened our doors to more than 52,300 students eager to learn. As educators, we are the dream keepers of these eager learners. Every one of our students has a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. Some have a dream of being a doctor, some have a dream of serving their community as a police officer, some may not be sure of a career, but their hopes for their lives are, nonetheless, great.

Whether an educator works in or out of a classroom, we have the privilege and responsibility to protect those dreams. We have a deep calling to ensure each student is equipped with the necessary skills to have a fulfilled and productive life. Our vision statement says, “All of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create.” The words “all of our” are powerful. They mean every single student, not one child is left out. The phrase “enjoying thriving, productive lives” is equally important. This phrase illustrates that we want every single student to have joy while thriving in their chosen profession and recognizing the importance of giving back to their community.

What does a fulfilled and productive life look like for our students? It’s giving them the knowledge and skills to discover their own passion and to pursue it. It’s giving them the “know how” to make principled decisions based upon what motivates and compels them to do great things. It’s giving them hope and optimism that they will be successful people, making a difference in the world.

To our parents, thank you for the faith you have given, entrusting your children to us. It is an honor to serve your student. There is no greater gift for an educator than taking your child’s hand on the first day of school and helping him, or her, fulfill the great dreams you have for them.

Throughout this school year, I hope you will become involved in your student’s learning. Research shows there is a direct connection between student learning and parent involvement. There are many ways to become involved ranging from volunteering to staying informed. Last year, LISD launched a partnership program called “Get Engaged,” where corporations and volunteers can partner with LISD in providing innovative learning experiences for our students. Parents may also join your campus PTA. This is a great opportunity to work with parents who want to help all children have the best education possible.

Additionally, I would like to hear from you. In early August, LISD launched a “Let’s Talk” initiative where you can share whatever is on your mind, ask questions and provide feedback about district and campus initiatives. This is a great opportunity for us to hear what you are thinking. I look forward to you becoming involved and to a great school year. 

Dr. Stephen F. Waddell, superintendent
Lewisville Independent School District

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