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Rose Palacios has been working all summer to get ready for school. Starting Monday, quadruplets Adam, Alissa, Aleah and Abel will start classes at Shadow Ridge Middle School in Flower Mound where they will be taking more classes separately than ever before.

The foursome has spent their elementary school years in classes with a sibling, usually one of the brothers in class with one of the sisters. But this year, only two of them have a couple of classes together. The rest of the time, they are on their own and further establishing their individuality.

“It’s the first time the kids will not be in the same classroom,” their mother said.

Getting ready for school is a busy time of year for every parent, but multiply that by four and it takes organization and skill to get everything prepared in time.

“We are packed and ready to go,” she said Saturday, a couple of days before the first day of the 2014-2015 school year. The family has toured the school several times, decorated lockers and have their schedules in place.

For Rose Palacios, the key is creating lists and keeping a big calendar at the ready to jot down the band practices, karate lessons, Chess club activities and more.

She spent all summer picking up clothing, backpacks and school supplies here and there, knowing the start of school also meant additional fees for extracurricular activities.

“It helps to spread it out a little bit,” she said.

Though they’ll be spending more time apart, the Palacios quadruplets still have a few things in common.

All four are in the band, though each is playing a different instrument — flute, trombone, clarinet and euphonium. All are athletic and their parents anticipate a full schedule of games to attend.

All four play chess, thanks to their dad, and all four have black belts in tae kwon do.

But a new campus will allow them to spread their wings a bit, their mother said.

“I’m excited for what’s going to open up for them.”

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