Updates available on Bartonville water tower lawsuit

The past few weeks, Citizens United for a Rural Environment (CURE) has published a series of e-mails that address the major subjects relative to the Bartonville water tower lawsuit. The intent was to provide information in the form of a written forum with information provided by the opponents to the water tower, the North Bartonville Citizen’s Association (NBCA) and Bartonville Water Supply Corporation (BWSC), now Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation. NBCA declined to participate, so CURE used information they had previously published and BWSC responded with appropriate information.

The subjects covered were: (1) Do We Need a Second Water Tower? (2) Flower Mound is the Driving Need for a Second Water Tower; (3) Allowing the Town to Complete the Water Tower Would Negate the Town’s Ordinances; (4) BWSC Accumulates Excessive Cash and Splurges on a New Facility; (5) Fire Suppression.

CURE considers the last item, Fire Suppression, as the most important since it directly affects public safety and insurance rates.

Copies of the CURE Update e-mails are available by providing your name, address and e-mail address to [email protected] It would be well worth your time to review both sides of this issue at the same time.

CURE will be publishing information for the Bartonville town council and mayoral candidates as the election progresses. The candidates will be asked to address the major issues facing Bartonville in the future.

Del Knowler, CURE Spokesman
Bartonville, TX

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