Congressman Burgess speaks to students

Liberty Christian students in Argyle welcomed Congressman Michael Burgess to their campus on Nov. 7.

As part of their government class, students learned firsthand how Congress works and each received a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

“It was a great honor to have Congressman Burgess on campus,” said Upper School Principal Ed Cook. “He was a great encourager to our students to become involved in public service.”

Burgess began his talk by sharing with students how he became interested in running for office and making a difference in this way.

As a doctor, he was operating on a patient in a complicated surgery the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, and when he came out of surgery and learned of the attacks at the World Trade Center, he said the world as he had known it had changed forever.

He later heard President George W. Bush speak to the nation, and Burgess was inspired to serve his country, but he still did not know in what capacity that would be. He just knew that the attack on the United States had altered his life and made him ask if practicing medicine was truly what he should be doing.

He later visited with a friend and surgeon who was in New York at the time of the attacks who bravely helped those who were in need. Burgess remembers making a vow that if a door opened for him to serve like his friend did, he would. He soon learned that the congressman in the 26th district would not be running for re-election, and Burgess knew then that his calling was to run for political office.

After speaking of his start in Congress more than ten years ago, Burgess then updated students on recent policy developments and news from the committees where he is a member.

Students then asked him questions that ranged from the Affordable Care Act to gun control to the debt ceiling.

“Our students were very engaged as Congressman Burgess answered their questions, teaching them more about the governmental process and how bills are made, from someone who directly represents them in Washington, D.C.,” said Cook.

“We were very glad to have Congressman Burgess at Liberty. It was a wonderful learning experience for our students.”

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