Letter: Shoven will make a difference

As someone who’s owned commercial property in Lewisville ISD, the election of someone to fill the Place 3 position for the Board of Trustees is very important.  It directly impacts property taxes AND the education of the workforce we all depend on.

Having observed the candidates and their responses to questions asked, I would ask that ALL voters turn out and send a resounding message that Paige Shoven has obviously done her homework and should be elected to this position.  She knows the issues and has offered sound, empirically based, options for addressing those issues.  She does NOT duck questions but answers them directly, which is quite refreshing.

It’s still not clear to me why the school board is spending money for this special election after Dr. Welding dropped off the board just a few months after taking office.  Seems like they should have appointed Paige Shoven, who drew 48% of the vote in that election, to complete his term.  I’m impressed that she is running again.  Her willingness to do so shows a passion and determination to make a difference for the education team, including students, their parents, the teachers and those who facilitate/support the learning experience in LISD.  I urge your vote for Paige Shoven

Jean Campbell
Argyle, TX

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