Suburban girl gone country

One of the rising stars in the world of Country Music once called the town of Flower Mound home.

Jenna Jentry, singer of the hit single “Lovin’ Lazy,” and new album “Good as Gold,” is a graduate of Flower Mound High School and former Flower Mound resident.

While Jentry, 24, now resides in Nashville where she can more easily pursue her Country Music career, she still looks back on her younger years in southern Denton County with great fondness.

“I was born and raised in Flower Mound,” Jentry said. “I went to Old Settlers Elementary and Wellington Elementary, McKamy Middle School and Flower Mound High School. A lot of people didn’t even really know I sang country music growing up because I was always involved in other things too. I was a cheerleader all through high school and was pretty studious.

“Flower Mound was such a great place to grow up— everything revolved around the community and the school. It was a place where I was able to have opportunity, yet still be able to go out and ride horses in the country and go to the lake with friends.”

Jentry, whose birth name Jenna Vitalone, said her passion for Country music was fostered as a young girl and said her own personal environment was quite fitting for a Country song.

“Being from Texas, I was lucky enough to grow up around Country music,” Jentry said. “My parents got me hooked on Country from a really young age.  Ever since I was little, I’ve always been into writing and storytelling, and I love how every Country song tells a story. I lived out by the lake and drove a big yellow pickup truck, so I was always singing along to country music.”

Jentry said she writes her own songs based on life experiences.

“Hearing my first single, ‘Lovin’ Lazy’ on country radio has been completely surreal,” Jentry said.

“Friends will text me pictures of their car radios with my name scrolling across the screen. I can’t believe all this has come from a song I wrote in a little room above my garage in Flower Mound.

“It’s crazy to look at the charts and see all my idols names around me, especially since I’m an independent artist and haven’t signed to a major label yet. I get my song ideas from my life experiences, whether it’s about me or someone I know, and they’re all going to be about something that’s been in my life in some way.” 

Jentry recently made a visit back to Flower Mound and said she was reminded of all the great times she had growing up, along with the simpler life she cherishes so much.

“I remember going to Friday night football games, cheerleading, going to the lake and hanging out in the Starbucks parking lot,” Jentry said. “There wasn’t a ton to do, but we always found a way to have fun. I was just home visiting and it was so nice. I moved to Nashville in January and hadn’t been home since. The memories definitely came flooding back!”


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