Double Oak Police see spike in property crimes

Over the past 30 days in Double Oak and surrounding communities, we have observed a marked increase in car burglaries, residential burglaries, identification theft/fraud, theft of building materials/scrap metal and theft of batteries from cell phone towers.

On June 27 in the 100 blk. of Lake Trail entry was forced into a parked motor vehicle and approximately $4,000 worth of electronics were reported stolen.

On July 8 in the 200 blk. of Cross Timbers Drive an unknown person stole jewelry valued at approximately $10,700.  It is unknown if the home was burglarized or a person with access to the residence took the property in the previous month.

On July 9 in the 100 blk. of North Forest Lane a residence was burglarized in which a firearm, a motorcycle, carpentry equipment, tools, jewelry and coins were stolen.  The suspect(s) are unknown at this time and an investigation is ongoing.

On July 15 in the 8100 blk. Justin Rd. (behind the two churches) an unknown person(s) entered a cellphone tower enclosure and removed ten batteries without permission.  Approximate value of missing batteries is $3,500. 

On July 22 in the 8100 blk. of Justin Rd. the backup batteries for the cell phone tower were stolen with a loss of approximately $4,200.

On July 24 in the 200 blk. of Lake Trail a vehicle was burglarized and $1,600 dollars was removed from the console.

If you observed suspicious behavior at any of the listed locations, or have information about the offenses, please contact the Double Oak Police Department at 972-355-5995.  Investigations are ongoing at this time.

We can’t urge strongly enough to take valuables inside of your residences, lock vehicles, close garage doors and pay attention to alarms.  On two of the listed offenses alarms were ignored by the property owner until hours and even days after the crimes took place.  On two of the listed offenses the property owners left gates and doors unsecure and gave easy access to the criminals.

Double Oak is a wonderful community to live and work in but ever increasing population densities in surrounding communities does equal more opportunities for criminal behavior.  If you see unusual actions such as unknown persons knocking on doors in the middle of the day, vehicles parked in driveways that you’ve never seen before, motorists cruising the neighborhood looking in mail boxes or trying door handles on cars please call the police immediately.   Your cell phone is “Phase 2” compliant meaning that your phone is able to tell the 9-1-1 dispatcher your location even if you cannot.  Our best chance at catching a criminal usually lies with an alert citizen and a cell phone call.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


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