Recycling in Double Oak

Mayor Mike Donnelly asked us to co-chair a committee to look at recycling in Double Oak.  Several citizens have expressed interest in improving our recycling program.  We are currently joined on the committee by Cindy Burdine, Anita Nelson, Mary Morrow, Janice Pidcock, Joe Rodriguez and his son Alex, and Mark and Peggy Rose.  Alex Rodriguez provided the town with recycling bins located at Town Hall as his Eagle Scout project.

Most of us think that recycling is just a good thing to do.  Our children (and grandchildren) learn a song that starts “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”  They are learning that waste simply is bad.  The fact is that recycling also reduces the cost of waste disposal for every citizen in town.  Waste Management is our service provider and they do indeed make money from the sale of recyclable materials.  Waste disposal and recycling is a competitive business.  These things affect the total costs that we as consumers pay.

One big event staring us in the future is the closure of the Lewisville Landfill.  This is where the waste from Double Oak goes and the landfill is filling up.  Waste Management says it has something like 10 to 12 years left before it is full.  The waste will have to be hauled a much farther distance when the Lewisville Landfill closes.  Options mentioned by Waste Management include a location in Fannin County or perhaps south of Dallas.  Regardless, it is going to cost everyone more money. Simply put, everything that we can recycle extends the life of the landfill which saves all of us money and that’s a good thing.

We are looking at three options for Double Oak.  The first option we are proposing is to replace the 18-gallon open tubs that our citizens currently use for recycling with 96-gallon polycarts (identical size to those that we use for our regular trash).  We are also considering an ”every other week” recycling pick-up schedule as well as expanding to community-wide recycling.

The second option is a program that Waste Management offers for “Home Generated Special Materials.”  This includes things like used motor oil and other automotive chemicals, garden and pool chemicals, electronics, paint products and more than we can list here.  We have the ability to implement an “At Your Door” program for these materials.

The third option concerns “Green Waste” which includes yard waste and brush.  Right now these things are picked up on the third Friday of each month and are not recycled.  Under the current contract, they go to the landfill.  We have the option to switch to every week pickup and have the material recycled.

These recycling proposals will be presented in much more detail at a Town Hall Meeting on July 18, 2013.  As co-chairmen of the committee together with the committee members, we want to solicit public comments.  A representative of Waste Management will be present to both present information and answer questions. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Town Hall at 320 Waketon Road.  If you need additional information or are unable to attend the meeting but wish to make a comment, ask a question, or make a suggestion, please call Town Hall at 972-539-9464. Please come to the meeting and be heard!

John Maynor & Gary Garrett
Double Oak, TX

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