Lakeside DFW establishes tree farm

With construction starting this month on the Lakeside master-planned development in south Flower Mound, preparations have been made to transplant and save approximately 400 trees located in the project.

“A number of years ago, over 400 Live Oak and Bald Cypress trees were planted along Lakeside Parkway”, said Jimmy Archie, Managing Director of Realty Capital Management, the project’s developer.  “Those trees are now maturing, and we want to save them for use in different areas of the development, including our parks and open spaces.”

Lakeside already satisfied the town’s tree mitigation requirements with plans to plant a large number of trees. In addition, Lakeside is saving these 400+ trees that would have been cleared by establishing a tree farm on the property until a permanent planting location is determined.

Realty Capital sought proposals from numerous experts and selected Fannin Tree Farm, a highly qualified firm in the business for over 30 years. 

Fannin classified, measured and inspected the trees, and they are now being prepared for transplant with pruning by a certified arborist.  The smaller 8” – 9” caliper trees will be extracted by mechanical spade while some of the larger trees measuring up to 15” in caliper will be extracted by hand tools.

A tree farm will be established northwest of the intersection of FM 2499 and Lakeside Parkway and will include an irrigation system to provide a controlled water supply for each tree.  Fannin will provide weekly tree maintenance to protect the vitality of the trees while they wait to be replanted again.

“Saving these trees is an expensive and time-consuming project”, Archie added, “but we feel it will be well worth the effort.  These mature trees will be a beautiful feature in our parks and other gathering areas in Lakeside.”

Transplanting will begin immediately and conclude by the end of April.

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