LISD adjusts proposed rezoning boundaries

The Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees made small adjustments to the Flower Mound High School (FMHS) feeder school boundary lines during a workshop on Thursday.

The changes were to the most recent elementary and middle school boundary lines discussed 10 days earlier at its March 18 regular meeting.

“The changes that were discussed were to let elementary students stay within walking distance of their neighborhood school,” said LISD Board President Carol Kyer. “Those middle school students who would need either to be driven or bussed– no matter which middle school they will attend—can be zoned so as to allow the students who can walk or bike will be able to do so.”

The first elementary school adjustment will keep students who live in The Woods at Wellington neighborhood at Wellington Elementary, rather than a previously proposed zoning change to the Old Settlers Elementary campus.

The second change allows students who live across the street from Forest Vista Elementary to attend that school, rather than traveling to Garden Ridge Elementary. See the elementary school map here.

“The numbers still are viable for those schools and it allows those children to attend their ‘neighborhood’ school,” said Kyer.

The middle school boundary line adjustment concerns McKamy (MMS) and Shadow Ridge Middle Schools (SRMS).

Students living in the Churchill area—north of FM 3040 to FM 1171 and between FM 2499 and Old Settlers—were proposed to attend SRMS; but, Thursday’s change will keep them at MMS.

The only entrance for the new development, The Preserve, is on FM 2499 and any students who will live there will attend Donald Elementary and Forestwood Middle School (FMS).

To balance those students living in the Churchill area attending MMS, the SRMS boundary adjustment will include all the neighborhoods south of Wichita Trail to Grapevine Lake and west of Scenic Drive. See the middle school map here.

“The families who live on that far western side of the town are more spread out on larger lots and need either private or school bus transportation to campus, because they have no neighborhood schools,” said Kyer.

A final decision on the FMHS feeder school rezoning is set for the LISD Board’s regular meeting Mon., April 8 at 7 p.m., at the Bolin Administration Building located at 1565 W. Main St. in Lewisville.

“Rezoning is a multi-step process and it takes time,” said Kyer. “We hope this rezone [plan] will cover the next five years. In the end, they’ll all be [FMHS] Jaguars for high school.”


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