Denton County officials call for volunteer board members

Denton County has found itself in a unique predicament. While the area continues to grow and expand and more and more people are finding the region a great place to call home, there is a need for residents to serve on the boards of committees and organizations that help take care of residents.

Denton County Precinct 3 Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell summed up the problem this way.

“Because Denton County is such a wonderful place to live, work and play, there are many opportunities for citizens to be involved in their communities,” Mitchell said.

“There are many wonderful boards and committees that need volunteers.  In addition to all the volunteering opportunities, people still have to have to have time for family, church and their jobs.  Sometimes, it is hard to find time to serve on a board.  Also, not everyone knows what is available.”

Mitchell said this seems to be a problem that many of the commissioners in the county are facing.

“Each of us commissioners have slots to fill on county boards,” Mitchell said.  “At this time, I have one vacancy on the CPS (Child Protective Services) board.”

Mitchell said she would love to have someone with a background in accounting fill the vacancy if possible.

The Precinct 3 Commissioner said it is important to have volunteers for the board positions for a couple of different reasons.

“Like a well-run business that receives input from many sources including their employees to make their business a success, the county and other organizations benefit from having citizenry input on issues that affect our present quality of life as well as planning for our future,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the county is using the media and word of mouth to make Denton County residents aware of the present need for board members and said that the best way people can help is to “be willing to serve or find someone else who is willing to serve.”

Contact the Denton County Commissioner’s court at (940) 349-2820 for more information on volunteering for one of the county board positions.

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