Local woman heeds heavenly call to pen book

Patti McDermott’s faith has been a constant source of strength, comfort and companionship for the Flower Mound woman.

That is why McDermott heeded the signal when she felt called to write her first book, “Wake up My Children.”

“I believe the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to ‘Wake up His children,’” McDermott said. “I have never had a desire to write nor am I proficient at writing or using the computer accurately but when you hear what you believe is the Lord telling you to, well, you just try your best.  He chose me not because I am anyone special, I am just a Grandmother and homemaker.

“But, I remembered God did choose fishermen, tax collectors, and a lady of the night, so, maybe He might just choose me too. He also wanted me to warn His children as we have gone astray not unlike sheep and we need to get back on the right road of life.”

McDermott said she believes she was inspired to write the book based on a disturbing and growing trend she has seen over the years.

“This book is written in more of an instructional and helpful manner, as God has points to be raised as to how we must take the blinders off and stop drifting with the current and realize we are being carried away one ripple at a time,” McDermott said.

She likened it to going to the beach, laying your towel and beach bag down, and after playing and swimming in the ocean, looking back and noticing you have drifted far down the shore.

“[You’re] drifting farther away from where you first started out and it was done while you were unaware. We are all drifting far away from our morals, values, and most of all not realizing the drifting away from God and the character we strived to have. God is saying to wake up and be warned as the time has come to make changes in our lives.”

In spite of personal struggles in her own life, like finding out two weeks after the book was published that she had breast cancer, McDermott said her faith and trust in God has never wavered.

“I felt God would take care of the surgery, and I elected, after much prayer, only to do radiation,” McDermott said. “God was with me. I could feel His Presence and did not cry, just trusted Him and He was faithful.”

Eight months later, the doctor again found breast cancer on the opposite side.

“I went through multiple biopsies, surgery, chemo, radiation, and radiation caused pneumonia. I almost died.”

McDermott said a sign from heaven gave her hope.

“When I was deciding what type of treatment to do as I was waiting on God, He sent a cloud in the shape of a huge Wing hovering over our home and pool. My husband and my seventeen year old grandson noticed it first. I started crying as I knew God was saying He would keep me protected under His Great Wing like a mother hen protecting her chicks, like in Psalm 91. God will do that! He will keep you all safe from harm.”

The book can be purchased online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon books, and Borders books, or at [email protected]

McDermott said she would like for people to take a few things away from her book.

“I hope that God’s children awaken to what God is saying to each and every one of them,” McDermott said.

“This book is for everyone. The new believer, the unbeliever, and there are golden nuggets for the mature believer. God is calling out to His children to take the blinders off and to enlighten them to the fact that they are falling asleep.

“The enemy of this world is trying to lull us all to sleep. I believe darkness is coming and we need the light to shine to see what is happening in the world today. It is time to wake up.”


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