Busy mom drops 18.5 pounds and wins $200

For a year, Katy Crumpton ran 20+ miles a week, worked out at the gym, ate only organic foods and rarely ate out.  She lost only 5 pounds.  She was puzzled, frustrated and not sure how she could try any harder to lose the unwanted baby fat.

Katy married her best friend, Philip, nine years ago.  “We had gained extra weight since we said our “I do’s”.   We have three active boys ages 7, 3 and 2.  Up until January of this year, we were homeschooling our oldest, who is in 2nd grade.  Our life is busy, noisy, and fun,” says Katy.

When she turned 30 in July, she decided to run a half-marathon, which is a natural extension of her love for exercise, including tennis.  Being a busy mom, her time at the gym was limited; she focused on her goal by training with the “Couch to 5K” phone app.  Katy began with a 5K, and last November completed her first half-marathon.  “It was such an amazing experience that now I’m excited to train for a triathlon!” remarks Katy.

Katy and husband Philip, along with their best friends, were ready to make a change.  The decision to try a cellular detox program was a joint effort.  They committed to the Isagenix 30 Day Fat Burning System.

“I love that it is all-natural, has phenomenal testimonials and is recommended by health and fitness professionals that I trust,” says Katy.   After just a few nutritional cleansing and shake days, Katy began to notice a difference.  “The first 4 days I lost 5 lbs, and by the end of 30 days I was down 18.5 lbs – It was drastic and amazing – I felt great and have so much energy.  Eating healthy never felt better!”

The need to cleanse is vital in today’s dangerously toxic world.  Our demanding lifestyles, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and daily stresses overload our body’s own detoxification defenses – namely its ability to cleanse naturally.  Without proper cleansing of impurities, the body struggles to maintain good health.

Katy is continuing to lose weight and body fat.  Since the New Year Isagenix Challenge, she’s managing her weight by following a healthy lifestyle and exercising daily.  While she’s already released a good deal of weight, Katy says her goal weight is still in progress.  She’s optimistic that she’ll reach her goal weight, but most importantly, she’s feeling healthy and strong.  Katy says, “My family is sold on the true benefits of Isagenix.  It’s nutrition therapy.   My story is not over, but now I have a plan and it works.”

Her husband, Philip, also had great success with Isagenix.  He’s lost 22.5 lbs and won 2nd place and $400.  First place winner was Ben Fisher.  He released an astonishing 36 lbs in just 30 days and won $800!

Not many people can say they started the year healthier, leaner and fitter, but it’s still possible with 10 months remaining!  Whatever decisions or opportunities come your way, remember to make choices that will allow for the most excellent outcome.  For extraordinary results, combine Isagenix with early morning boot camp 3-5 days per week, like the award winning Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, to burn 500+ calories before breakfast!

Norma Zitterkopf is a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and owner of Argyle Adventure Boot Camp, a consultant with Isagenix International.  For more information visit www.ArgyleBootCamp.com. Call (214) 729-0001.


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