School board refines rezoning proposals

A modified version of Proposal 2 for rezoning the elementary/middle schools that feed into Flower Mound High School was reached on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

An atmosphere of cooperation prevailed during the workshop held by the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees featuring a presentation by the rezoning committee and input from community members.

“The elementary school boundaries keep them within their neighborhoods with Old Settlers and the other schools in good [attendance] numbers,” said LISD Board of Trustees President Carol Kyer. “The middle school boundaries impact the least number of kids and that’s what everyone wanted the end result to be.”

One modification to the original Proposal 2 has students living in the area south of Wichita Trail and west of Simmons Road to attend Liberty Elementary School and McKamy Middle School to shorten bus time, instead of Old Settlers Elementary and Shadow Ridge Middle School.

Another change involves the area north of FM 3040, east of Old Settlers Road and west of FM 2499 known as the Churchill area. The students currently attend Old Settlers and McKamy Middle School. The board suggested keeping them at Old Settlers and then Shadow Ridge Middle School. The original Proposal 2 shifted them to Donald for elementary school and then Forestwood Middle School.

“So far, we’ve received mostly thank you’s from people at the meeting and afterwards,” said Kyer. “I haven’t heard any negatives, but that may be because people haven’t looked at the maps yet.”

The Board anticipates the discussion about the proposed maps to continue at its March 18 regular meeting at 7 p.m. at the Bolin Administration Building located at 1565 W. Main St. in Lewisville.

A final decision is set for the Board’s meeting on April 8.


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