Parents pack house at rezoning meeting

An estimated 700 to 800 people attended Tuesday night’s Flower Mound school rezoning community meeting at the Lewisville High School Harmon Campus.

Nearly 50 parents expressed their views on the proposed elementary and middle school rezoning plans to committee members and LISD officials during the two hour meeting.

A majority of the speakers urged officials to reevaluate the process or at least slow it down.

Other concerns frequently mentioned had to do with the proximity of the rezoned schools to neighborhoods where children will no longer be able to walk to school, traffic congestion and the impact of future residential development on attendance numbers.

“The goal of this was to look long term,” said Dr. Kevin Rogers, LISD’s Chief Operating Officer.  “The committee will take all of this input and meet with school board and they have the option to make changes.”

LISD Trustees are expected to discuss the proposals and input at their March 18 board meeting. A final decision on the rezoning plan is excepted this April.

Here are the highlights of the four rezoning proposals:

Proposal 1 – Elementary Schools

• Donald Elementary zone extended west across FM 2499 to Old Settlers Rd. and north from Firewheel Dr. (currently zoned within walking distance of Old Settlers Elementary and MMS); feeds into FWMS.
• Forest Vista Elementary extended east to Garden Ridge Blvd. (eliminating attendance at Vickery Elementary by students in the neighborhood surrounding the school, which is physically located west of Garden Ridge Blvd.); feeds into FWMS.
• Old Settlers zone extends west from FM 2499 across southern areas of current Liberty Elementary and Wellington Elementary’s zones to Rocky Point Rd. and south of Wichita Trail to Grapevine Lake; in Proposal 1-Middle School, feeds only into MMS. (Currently, Old Settlers zone has north-south boundary lines and is divided between MMS north of McKamy Creek, while neighborhoods south of that attend SRMS.)
• Wellington Elementary southern boundary is Wichita Tr.; feeds into FWMS in Proposal1-Middle School. (Currently it runs north-south from FM 1171 to Grapevine Lake and feeds only into MMS.)
• Liberty Elementary southern boundary is Wichita Tr., rather than Grapevine Lake; feeds into MMS.
• Garden Ridge and Bluebonnet Elementary boundaries remain unchanged; feed into SRMS.

Proposal 2 – Elementary Schools

• Donald Elementary zone extended west across FM 2499 to Old Settlers Rd. and north of FM 3040 (OSE is located at that intersection)
• Forest Vista, Vickery, and Garden Ridge zones unchanged; all feed into FWMS. (Since the 2005 opening of SRMS, Garden Ridge left its original FWMS feeder zone)
• Bluebonnet unchanged; feeds into SRMS
• Wellington and Liberty southern boundaries are Wichita Tr., (currently it’s Grapevine Lake); feed into MMS.
• Old Settlers northern boundary changes to Wichita Tr./Arbor Creek/FM 3040 to the FM 2499 eastern boundary and west to High Meadow Rd, with Grapevine Lake as the southern boundary; neighborhoods will feed into all middle schools. (Currently, OSE’s northern border is FM 1171 north between FM 2499 to the east and Old Settlers Rd./Simmons Rd. to the west; feeds into MMS north of McKamy Creek and south of there into SRMS.)

Proposal 1 – Middle Schools

• FWMS—Donald, Forest Vista and Wellington (new elementary boundaries); 1056 of 1250 capacity
• MMS– Old Settlers and Liberty (new elementary boundaries); 897 of 1150 capacity
• SRMS—only Bluebonnet and Garden Ridge; 533 of of 800 capacity

Proposal 2 – Middle Schools

• FWMS—Donald (with west extension to Old Settlers Rd. across FM 2499 and north of FM 3040/Flower Mound Rd.), Forest Vista, Vickery (current zone west of Garden Ridge Blvd.) and Garden Ridge (returning from SRMS re-zoning in 2005); 912 of 1250 capacity
• SRMS—Bluebonnet, OSE (south of McKamy Creek plus Liberty (south of Wichita Tr. And west of Barton Creek); 597 of 800 capacity
• MMS—Wellington and Liberty (north of Wichita Tr.) plus OSE (section between FM 3040/McKamy Creek/Simmons Rd.); 977 of 1150 capacity

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