Flower Mound mom makes amazing transformation

Five years after undergoing expensive and painful weight-loss surgery, Flower Mound resident Cyndi Steele had re-gained half of the weight she had lost.  Worse yet, her blood pressure and other vital indicators were reaching unhealthy levels.

Still in her early 40s, the wife and mother of two active children knew something had to change.

“I was getting to the age where I knew I needed to take better care of my heart, and my health,” she said.  “I wanted to be able to keep up with my family when we went out on hikes and bike rides, rather than sitting down and telling them ‘I’ll wait for you here.’”

Her annual physical exam in January 2012 was the turning point.  Cyndi’s blood pressure of 144/101 was dangerously high, and her cholesterol and triglyceride levels were equally alarming.  She was experiencing heart flutters and headaches, and an overall lack of energy.

She knew she needed to exercise, but at roughly 230 pounds, Cyndi was intimidated about going to a gym.  The lap band was also preventing her from keeping even healthy food down, so she went back to have it released.

After reading several success stories about people like her that were experiencing life-changing results at Strada Fitness & Wellness Center, Cyndi took a leap of faith.

With the blessing of her doctor, she began working out with Jake Camp, a certified personal trainer at Strada, three days a week.  Jake set up a fitness plan at a beginner level and, over time, progressively increased her workload.  He also outlined a healthy nutrition plan that Cyndi began following. 

“I was so nervous when I first walked into Strada, but Jake immediately put me at ease,” Cyndi recalls.  “He knows exactly what I can and can’t handle, and he encourages me every step of the way.  Jake is great about changing things up so the routine never gets boring, and he always pushes me to go one step beyond what I think I can do.”

Fast forward several months, and Cyndi claims “I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Though still shy of her weight-loss goal, Cyndi’s recent physical exam showed remarkable improvement.  Her blood pressure is back to normal, healthy levels.  Her total cholesterol has dropped from 253 to 214, and her triglycerides have come down from a high of 137 to 75.  She has also experienced a net loss of 30 pounds, while building up her muscle mass.

“So many people think exercising and proper nutrition is all about losing weight, but Cyndi’s experience shows there are so many more important health benefits,” said Luke Overstreet, who owns Strada Fitness with his wife, Chani.  “Cyndi has added years to her life, and improved her quality of life, in just a few months.  We’re all excited about her transformation.  It’s been very inspiring.”

That inspiration has taken hold at home, too, as Cyndi’s husband and kids are now regulars at Strada Fitness as well.

“Exercise and healthy eating are now the new normal for my family and me, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel,” said Cyndi.  “I still want to lose another 30 to 40 pounds, and I will; but just knowing that there’s no reason I won’t be around to see my kids go to college and start their own families is such an incredible relief.”

For more information about Strada Fitness & Wellness Center, including a free session with one of the studio’s certified personal trainers, call 972.330.4300, or visit www.StradaFitness.com.


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