Love Locally: Chivalry in a modern day world

A combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight; courage, honor, justice, a readiness to help and courteous behavior towards women.

Many centuries ago this was the revered Code of the Knights. They left behind a legacy of romantic stories that told tales of love and chivalry. The stories included acts of valor and admiration. Never did the damsel say “I can kill the dragon myself, thank you very much,” nor did the knight say “Hey, baby, let’s go back to my castle for a little fun.”

As a matchmaker, I hear the wish list all the time, woman today want a modern day version of chivalry and the knight that will slay the dragon for her. She wants a man that is honest, thoughtful, loyal, sweet, courteous and respectful. What men of today don’t understand (thanks to the feminist movement) is that women truly want to be treated well and to be placed on a pedestal. This treatment does not lessen the woman’s independence nor does it make a man weak. It just extends the fairy tale into this century with a modern twist.

Simple acts of opening the door for her, listening when she speaks, helping her with her coat, pulling the chair out for her, calling after the first date (not three days later, that is another article) and always being polite and respectful are mannerisms of a true gentleman.

But in this day and age of technology, go one step further, call her instead of text, call her instead of email, just call her! Technology seems to be a scapegoat for all our communication shortcomings. The days of the personal letter scented with your lover’s perfume are long gone. But even those romantic, poetic writings did not communicate the true spirit and voice in your words. In the early stages of a relationship, the need for one-on-one communication is critical in establishing intimacy and sharing. A text can be misunderstood and can quickly turn inappropriate when you are behind a keyboard. So do the unexpected, be old fashion, use your smartphone to communicate with your voice not your thumbs! You will be surprised how far this act of “courage” will get you in the land of love.

Being chivalrous in today’s world is not about laying your coat over a mud puddle so that your lady does not get her shoes wet, but instead showing her your respect and that you appreciate her company. Holding the door open for her when you enter a restaurant, paying the check when it arrives, walking her to her car when you leave some place you arrived separately and walking up to her front door when you pick her up and when you drop off. All of these are ways of showing respect to a lady. Being chivalrous is not just a way to impress a woman but a way to live your life. It is about being aware and appreciating the people around you. 

So if you believe chivalry is dead, think twice. Chivalry may be dying around you, but one chivalrous knight is all it takes to get the damsel in distress to fall in love with him and live happily ever after.

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