Navy Trained Swimmer & Collegiate Gymnast Join Argyle Adventure Boot Camp Staff

Husband and wife Michael Paul and Stacy Mowrey recently moved to Flower Mound from Maryland with an idea that fitness leadership would be in their plans.  With their athletic backgrounds and adventurous and fit lifestyles they felt led to be involved in a progressive group fitness program.

Michael Paul was a Navy first class swimmer and a Command Fitness Leader. He completed a cumulative year of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training and endured Hell Week one and a half times.  He was also a Naval Aviation Water Survival instructor and Safety Diver for 3 years.  Then he became a Cross Fit Certified instructor.

Stacy Mowrey was a gymnast for 14 years becoming a level 10 competitor taking a silver medal in the national championships on beam.  She was a collegiate gymnast at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and was an East Atlantic Gymnastic League champion team member.  She is certified by 24 Hour Fitness as a Personal Trainer.

When a mutual friend, Kevin Weaver of Highland Village, introduced the Mowrey’s to fitness expert Kelli Calabrese, they quickly became friends.  Kelli invited them to observe and then coach two classes at Argyle Adventure Boot Camp.  The response to their leadership was positive, opening the door to a regular position on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Cross Timbers Church/Liberty Christian School location. 

When first called to join as a coach, Michael Paul expressed his motivation saying, “I love being around positive people who are investing in themselves.”  Stacy added, “I especially love that boot camp is outdoors.  Exercising as a community is fantastic for accountability.  It’s both relational and high intensity which is the best of both worlds.”

Michael Paul expressed, “At camp, you are always competing with yourself, but if you want to push the limits, you will always find someone to challenge you, including the instructors”.  Stacy reflected, “Everyone has some issues when it comes to their body image, fitness and health.  Boot camp can answer everything. You have a dedicated coach and campers who will encourage you and call when you are absent.  If you are tired of routine exercise, boot camp offers a new workout every day.  It never gets boring. There is no need to think.  Simply come and receive.  Boot camp is fully scalable. You get out of it what you put into it.  It can be intense or modified. It does not need to be competitive”. 

Part of why people fail in fitness is lack of discipline. After being in the military, Michael Paul understands what it takes and what people are capable of.  According to Mr. Mowrey, “Consistency produces discipline.  Going to the gym when it’s convenient will be a long slow road to getting results.  If you want your belt size to go down and more energy along with an amazing sense of well-being, show up for camp.  You will stop hating your workouts and you no longer have to drag yourself to the gym.”

One of the things the Mowreys bring to camp is working together as a team.  They will challenge your body and mind.  You will be working on your brain health by using strategy as you exercise.  The Mowrey’s promise to keep you engaged mentally and physically.

Stacy shares her amazement in how much you can do with your body without using equipment.  “As a gymnast we rarely used equipment, and clearly, gymnasts are very fit”. 

Michael adds, “In Navy SEAL Training the focus is on accomplishing a task as a team.  The first step is to make sure you are mentally and physically prepared. Then look to your right and to your left and encourage and strengthen your team. Speaking life to others will affect you just as powerfully.   Fitness is powerfully fun if you apply this principle: Stop making excuses, and take ACTION.  Get to BOOTCAMP and be empowering.”

Personally, Michael Paul and Stacy love all outdoor activities from trail running and swimming in lakes, to mountain biking.  They shy away from sweaty gyms and instead climb on everything in nature.  They enjoy gaining expertise in kick boxing and Krav Maga.  Michael Paul states, “A fit lifestyle does take some sacrifice, but I would be sacrificing much more being out of shape, overweight and weak.  In the immediate I may forgo watching a late night movie to get up for an early trail run but the trade-off is worth it for a fit body.”

Coach Kelli Calabrese, who was recently named one of the top 100 Most Influential Personal Trainers of All Time, is excited to introduce the Mowrey’s to the team. 

“They are quality people and fitness leaders who are passionate, knowledgeable and truly have a heart for the participants of the program.  I still plan to lead all of the Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts at 5:30 a.m. and know that their leadership on Tuesday and Thursday will infuse even greater energy into this award winning program,” said Calabrese. 

“I want to invite the residents of Denton County to come out and meet the Mowery’s for a body transforming workout.  Come see what’s possible when you have the supervision and accountability of professional and enthusiastic coaches.”

For more information visit, call 817-490-1296 or email [email protected]


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