Weight loss is a family affair

Earlier this year, Susan Mutz was celebrating the life-altering satisfaction of losing 40 pounds and three dress sizes in just 90 days. But that was just the beginning.

She had begun a proactive fitness program, combined with a change in lifestyle, which had transformed her life and made her happier, more energetic and dramatically healthier.

Fast-forward three short months, and the Flower Mound mother of two has reached another impressive milestone.  Susan has now dropped a full 80 pounds – one-third of her initial body weight – and five dress sizes!

“I can’t tell you how great it feels to feel great!” she said in a follow-up interview.  “I have so much more energy, I can do exercises I couldn’t have dreamed of before, and I’m just loving my new lifestyle.”

Susan’s positive attitude and influence at home has even started affecting the rest of the family. Her oldest daughter, Erin, recently started training at Strada Fitness & Wellness Center in Flower Mound as well.  Since she began at end of May, Erin has lost 40 pounds.

Mother and daughter have been working with one of the professional trainers at Strada Fitness, Jonathon Pirpich, whose background includes a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and specific expertise in nutritional counseling.

“Jonathon helped me turn my goals into reality, and Chani and Luke [Overstreet, owners of Strada] are just awesome,” Susan explained.  “Everyone there treats you like family, they make you feel comfortable no matter what stage you’re at, and there’s always a trainer nearby to make sure you’re doing all your exercises correctly.”

“Susan is dedicated, and her success is feeding on itself,” says Pirpich.  “You can tell how much better she feels about herself and it’s obvious that she’s going to do what it takes to keep the weight off from now on.”

“Erin obviously gets her determination from her mom, because she’s been just as committed to making the lifestyle transformation,” said Luke Overstreet.  “It’s been really cool seeing both of them lose weight and get in shape together.  It’s obviously been great for them individually, but I’m sure it’s created an even closer bond having shared this life-changing experience.” 

Under the watchful eye of her personal “lifestyle coach,” Susan has been gradually increasing the length and intensity of her workouts.  She now does 45 minutes of cardio exercise every day, and she’s started attending Saturday morning conditioning camps at Strada.

“I wasn’t able to do the camps at first,” she recalls, “but I’ve been going for the last three months.  I can’t do everything yet, but I’m getting stronger and fitter every day.”

Consistent with the lifestyle transformation she has been following, Susan continues to make healthy eating a core element of her approach to physical improvement.  She still eats small, protein-rich meals every three hours, and drinks plenty of water.  The staff at Strada showed her how to make delicious protein shakes, and which healthy snacks to eat between meals.

“It’s a total lifestyle choice,” she says.  “There’s more to it than just going to the gym a few times a week.”

Susan talks freely about her vastly improved blood test results, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, and other enhanced vital signs.

“I’m even getting up without an alarm clock,” she said.  “I wake up ready to take on the day, because I’ve got my energy back and I’m not carrying all that extra weight.”

Something tells us this isn’t the end to the Mutz family success story.

For more information about Strada Fitness & Wellness Center, including a free session with one of the studio’s certified personal trainers, call 972.330.4300, or visit www.StradaFitness.com.


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