Lantana reminds residents about fireworks ban

Off-duty sheriff deputies will be patrolling the master-planned community on July 4th to assist residents in complying with a new rule that prohibits all fireworks in Lantana.

In response to several grass fires sparked by fireworks that threatened homes on New Year’s Eve, the Lantana Community Association banned fireworks this past winter.

The homeowner’s association board approved a new amendment to the covenants and sent notification letters to the community’s homeowners on Feb. 28.

The amendment states that anyone caught discharging fireworks in Lantana may be hit with a fine and lose their privileges to access the community’s amenity centers, swimming pools and exercise facilities.

According to Article IX, Section 9:16 of the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions “It is specifically prohibited, without exception whatsoever, to use, discharge, fire or shoot fireworks of any kind within the Lantana Property … The violation of this Section may result in the imposition of fines and the suspension of the right to use and enjoy the Common Properties including the amenity centers, swimming pools and exercise facilities.”

A complete copy of the amendment can be found online at or by calling the Association at 940-728-1660.

The deputies patrolling Lantana on July 4th will report offender’s names to the homeowner’s association the following business day, according to Bruce Crawford, Lantana Community Association Manager.

“We are going to do everything we can do from an HOA standpoint to keep our residents safe,” said Mark Wagner, a LCA board member and president of Republic Property Group, Lantana’s developer.

Fireworks covered under the ban include sparklers, aerial fireworks, artillery shells, bottle rockets, brocades, firecrackers, fountains, roman candles, girandoles, repeaters, pinwheels, rockets of any kind, MD-80s and cherry bombs.

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