Morriss Road area residents should back NFL

In 2009, residents along the Morriss Road corridor were faced with a serious dilemma. Plans were well advanced to convert Morriss/Gerault into a six lane major thoroughfare slicing our town. Even though visions of transparency were purported, most of the residents were uninformed.

We fought hard and made a difference and today, Morriss Road is a safe and efficient roadway and only four lanes through the most populated part of our town. We made out voices heard through the ballot box. We generated a larger than normal turnout and were able to elect Tom Hayden to his first and only win. We generated over 1000 votes for Bob Butler and narrowly missed electing Steve Lyda over Steve Dixon, by 29 votes. That year Bridlewood and Wellington sparsely participated at the polls.

Hopefully residents along the Morriss Corridor will not forget to get out and vote. Hopefully, they will remember to importance in showing your power in the community the only way that matters, at the polls.

This year is as crucial as 2009. Our friend and once political ally has taken a new direction. He is touting the fact that out town is difficult for developers to do business and is backing a group with big plans for pie in the sky retail, dining and housing options. Haven’t we heard these promises before? Remember Riverwalk? Parker Square? All big developers pipe dreams at taxpayers expense. Luckily our town has a plan called Smartgrowth which as it states, is. I personally am thankful I live in a town not like Lewisville, Grapevine, Plano or Frisco. All fine communities but all rather crowded.

The best interests of residents in the Morriss Corridor are backed by Mayor Melissa Northern, Al Filidoro and Steve Lyda. Please join me and bring back the proven leaders that have us in mind. Vote N.F.L.

Kim A. Berg
Co-founder, Stop Morriss Six
Flower Mound, TX

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