Hayden is choice for balance and leadership

I moved to Flower Mound, like many of you, because it is a special place that has that rural charm and beauty. And over these past few years I had been hopeful that our town would also attract the vibrant businesses that provide quality jobs. 

I had hoped that we would see more housing options for families, young professionals, empty nesters and seniors, as well as shopping, dining and recreational opportunities like our neighboring communities in Grapevine, Southlake and Frisco already have. But instead our town has been garnishing the reputation as being difficult to work with and a town that says “no” as opposed to one that says “let’s see how we can work with you and get something done.” 

This upcoming election for the positions of mayor and town council is going to be one that defines the vision in our community.  The choices we have between the candidates and their positions are clearly defined. That is why I am endorsing Tom Hayden for mayor. 

It’s direction and not intention that defines the candidate. Leadership and not rhetoric.  Tom’s record of service in our town speaks for itself.  He is a mayoral candidate that would cast the vision for our community to maintain that balance between the small town environment that initially attracted us with the need for responsible growth and innovation.  Please join me in supporting and voting for Tom Hayden for mayor.

Chad Hennings
Former Dallas Cowboy and 13 year Flower Mound Resident
Flower Mound, TX

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