Mayoral candidate has eye on ball

To my Highland Village friends that were part of  the start-up of the Highland Village Area Baseball and Softball Association and to all that have been part of this association for the past 13 years I ask that you please vote May 12th in the Highland Village City Election.

In the race for Mayor, Bill Irwin has my support  and I hope you will give him your support as well.

Bill was a member of the HV City Council  during the development and ultimate start-up of the Highland Village Baseball and Softball Association.  As an advocate for youth sports Bill was one of our leagues most vocal supporters.  During those early years and even now I truly believe that Bill Irwin was instrumental in getting our league approved by the HV City Council.

From the beginning Bill not only understood what our association’s  purpose was but also what the needs of a start up association were   Bill was always approachable, he was sincere in his passion for youth sports/city parks and he became a good friend during this process.  

Thirteen years later it still brings a smile to my face to see that baseball players and softball players, of all ages playing ball on those once vacant fields behind Briarhill.

Vote for Bill Irwin he will  serve our city well as Mayor.

Teresa Drown
Highland Village
, TX

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