A New Direction?

Huh? Mayor Northern’s campaign posters say so.  What direction would that be?  While Flower Mound has had nice things happen during the NFL years (and how can you stop some growth), how much has been stopped due to the personal feelings of the triple threat?

Remember the $15,000,000 expansion Kroger wanted to offer the town?  The FL of NFL squashed that because they had personal issues with the placement of the gas pumps.  Did it matter the safety engineers for the town or the professional traffic engineers who testified did NOT have any issues?

Yes, some P&Z members had “personal” issues and forced a super majority council vote.  But curiously the former state traffic engineer on the P&Z, the only expert, was not concerned.

Did it matter that over 1000 citizens signed petitions in favor of the Kroger expansion?  No.  So who do these NFL people represent if not the citizens?

The “excuse” is their personal “safety concerns”.  Why not do away with the professionals if these “representatives” of the people favor personal opinion over experts in the field?  If the people of Flower Mound truly want a New Direction, “NFL” means “Not For Long”!         

Nels Pearson
Flower Mound, TX

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