Candidate answers the question, “Why?”

On Monday, March 26th, I was given the opportunity to talk with the Greater Lewisville Area Realtors.  The last question on their questionnaire really gets to the heart of this years election. 

Why do I believe I am the best candidate to serve the residents of Flower Mound?

It’s a fair question and one I hope all residents and voters will give serious consideration as they decide who to vote for in May.  I also think it is fair to share my response with those who will be voting.  Here it is:

“With over 15 years serving on Boards and Commissions in two cities and watching elected leaders work with complex issues, I have learned what works and does not work. I have a pretty good idea that to grow our local economy we have to allow businesses the flexibility to adapt and change to market conditions. We also have to allow that same latitude for ourselves. I will bring the experience and maturity to work collaboratively with council members and residents so that the next time:

•    A developer comes to Town Hall to discuss a $1 billion project; I will show up for the meeting.
•    Tom Thumb wants to build a grocery store in our community; I won’t make them wait ten years for a road to be expanded.
•    Kroger wants to invest $14 million to modernize and expand a store and create 70 new jobs; I won’t create excuses about parking lot traffic patterns to say No. I will make the motion for approval.
•    Academy Sports wants to build a store, I won’t throw roadblocks in their way. I will work to clear away obstacles, not create them.
•    A company wants to build rental housing for seniors and is willing to pay $1.2 million in park dedication fees to do so, I will say yes. I won’t force them into a lesser option that reduces the Town’s property taxes and cuts $1 million dollars from park funding.

I will serve all of the citizens of Flower Mound; protect the quality of life that we all enjoy today while planning for a sustainable future that will provide us all the opportunity to prosper. I will respect those who serve and come before the council to speak. I will continue to recognize that the best answer is only found after a good question is asked.”

Just as I was honored to have the endorsement and support of the GLAR, I will also consider it a privilege to have the support and vote of the residents of Flower Mound.  Together, we share a great community that we all call home, and together we can be even better.  

Bryan Webb

Flower Mound Town Council Place 2 Candidate
Flower Mound, TX

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