Council member showed lack of courtesy and respect

Those who attended or watched Monday night’s Flower Mound Town Council Meeting witnessed first hand what has unfortunately become a common occurrence.   The Mayor Pro Tem, Al Filidoro, being openly disrespectful of other council members.

Unfortunately for Mr. Filidoro, this time his comments were caught on video and heard by the audience.

Last night Council Member Kendra Stephenson was characterized by Mr. Filidoro as the “Evil Twin”.   When she stood up to his bullying comments and provided him an opportunity to apologize or recant, Al instead chose to double down, affirming the Evil Twin comment with a strong “YES!” 

His comments were made on camera, in an open meeting, in front of 65 residents including a dozen Girl Scouts.  Unlike a couple of weeks ago when the Mayor came close to damaging the council dais with her heavy handed gavel, last night the gavel remained silent.  I guess being a running mate comes with benefits that being an opponent does not. 

Mr. Filidoro’s actions and comments were not appropriate for a deliberative body.  I am confident that if he acted this way in a courtroom, the judge would find him in contempt.  I certainly found his behavior last night to be contemptible. 

I have made a pledge to call out bullying actions when I see it.  That is exactly what I saw last night.  This behavior; bullying, harassment, intimidation, what ever you want to call it, is not acceptable. 

At each Council meeting the Mayor reminds everyone that personal attacks are not appropriate during Public Participation.  Isn’t it interesting how those same rules don’t seem to apply to Mr. Filidoro? 

Bryan C. Webb
Candidate for Place 2, Flower Mound Town Council
Flower Mound, TX


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