Pushing forward

Maddie Meiner, 9, and Anna Stock, 10, students from Heritage Elementary School in Highland Village, joined a marathon relay team Sunday to push a drunk driving accident victim in the Cowtown Marathon.

Jackie Murphree of Decatur, who was struck by a drunk driver in 2007 and suffered a traumatic brain injury, has been pushed in three White Rock marathons before the Cowtown race.

The team of therapists, friends and family began participating in the marathons to show people first hand the affects of drinking and driving, and to see Jackie smile.

This was a special run because the relay team pushed Jackie passed the 100 mile mark in her customized jogging buggy.

Maddie and Anna joined their parents on the first five-plus mile leg of the marathon and made it to the exchange point in about 60 minutes.

Maddie’s father, Brandon Meiner, is Jackie’s speech pathologist.

Learn more about Jackie at www.jackiemurphree.com.


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