Upset over ticky-tack ticket

I moved to Flower Mound 6 years ago. Since I have lived here I have heard many stories about how much the police officers like to give tickets. Well now I have to say I have experienced it myself. I was driving on 2499, was pulled over and had no idea why. When the officer approached my car, I asked her what I did. Her response was that I did not have on my seat belt. Well I did, however I was told I was wearing it improperly (never heard of this but it carries the same citation and cost as no seat belt: $147.00. I told the officer I had injured my shoulder and that is why I had it off my shoulder and under my left arm pit because it rubbed on my shoulder. Her response was “did I have a doctor’s note”. No I did not, but now I do now. I will be going to court with my note and hopefully the judge will understand. I had no idea about this law…so PLEASE let me pass this knowledge on to all….WEAR YOUR SEATBELT PROPERLY or have a note. When I went to the court to get a court date, I was told it was not in the system (it had been 32 hours later, and the best I could figure is it was the end of 2 workshifts) and I would have to come back. If Flower Mound officers want to write these tickets, I feel they should at least finish the paperwork before the end of their shift that day.

Susan Hargenrater
Flower Mound, TX

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