Keeping up the fight

Members of WTF–Winning The Fight! recently planted a memorial tree for the “2010 Missing Pieces” at the Double Oak Town Hall.

The living memorial was a tribute to the lives lost due to drugs in 2010. 

“The tree gives our community a place to reflect on this issue and lets everyone know about our “Missing Pieces,”  said Kathy O’Keefe, founder of WTF.

Participants circled the newly planted Bur Oak tree, holding pictures and reading off the names of those lost to drugs.  

“What was astonishing was the amount of pictures” said participant Megan Collier. 

WTF is already working on donations and placement for the 2011 Memorial Tree. 

“We will never give up this fight.  Every 14 minutes a person dies from a drug overdose in the United States.  Our kids, our families, our communities must Win!  It is too hard to lose,” said O’Keefe, who lost her son Brett to a drug overdose on March 20, 2010.

Learn more about WTF here.


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