Council gives Kroger expansion plan another chance

A modernized, larger Kroger with a gas station on FM 1171 in Flower Mound is still on the table.

After hours of debate and a couple of failed attempts to get the super-majority vote needed to green light the proposed $14 million grocery store expansion, council member Tom Hayden made a motion that passed unanimously to send the issue back to Planning & Zoning committee members for reconsideration at their next meeting on Dec. 12.  The council could then take it up again at their meeting on Dec. 19.

Kroger officials said that without the proposed gas station, the company may scrap their plans to expand the store on the southwest corner of FM 2499 and FM 1171, which first opened in 1993.

Their specific use permit for the gas pumps was denied by the Planning and Zoning commission last month primarily due to traffic concerns.  Those concerns were reiterated Tuesday night by council members Al Filidoro and Steve Lyda, whose “no” votes temporarily denied approval of the project.

Kroger officials told council that the delay in approving the expansion could set the project back by one or two years due to a budgeting deadline at their corporate office.

Read more about this issue here.

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