Prosper vs. Argyle pits old friends against each other

The two have been friends and colleagues for almost 20 years, but when the whistle blows to start the Class 3A Division II Region II playoff game pitting the Prosper High School Eagles (9-2) against the Argyle High School Eagles (10-1) on Friday night, friendships take a back seat for Argyle Town Manager Lyle Dresher and Prosper Town Manager Mike Land.

“Lyle hired me as Community Development Director in Gainesville in 1992 when he was City Manager there, so we go back a long way,” said Land.

Long-standing friendship notwithstanding, the two have placed a friendly wager on the game’s outcome.

“If the Prosper Eagles carry the day and win, like I think they will, then Lyle is to write a check for $50 to Bethlehem Place,” added Land. Bethlehem Place is a food bank ministry of the Prosper United Methodist Church.

“If, on the other hand, the Argyle Eagles somehow pull out a victory, which I doubt will happen, then I will gladly write a $50 check to the Denton County United Way,” he added. The United Way is a community fund program that helps organizations and individuals in numerous ways.

The second round playoff game kicks off at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 18 at the Denton ISD’s C.H. Collins Athletic Complex. On Sept. 23, the Prosper Eagles defeated Argyle 35-14 at Argyle for its only loss of the season.

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