Transition starts now for back to school

Q: With the end of summer sneaking up on us, it is time to transition back to school life, any suggestions to make the shift easier?

A: Summer is an amazing time of year!   The end of this season comes with many mixed feelings for both parents and students.  Finding the best way to transition from summer schedules to school schedules is important and can lead to a smoother changeover. 

Getting a “school time” program in effect for the entire household can really help everyone involved.  We usually start our plan at least two weeks before the first day of school to give everyone plenty of time to adjust.  We start with bringing back a consistent bedtime routine. This really helps with adjusting and achieving daytime success.  

Another thing we do to help achieve a changeover victory is to create a Student Success Area in our house.  We design one area that is strictly prepared for homework, projects and reading.  This can be a corner in a bedroom or an entire room.  Some take one room and divide it for each child.  We purchase the supplies and tools that are needed and then start designing.

It is important for this project that you understand your learner.  Some children do best snuggled up in some pillows on the floor, some need the firmness of a chair and table, and others may need a combination of both.  Either way, creating an area of success can help guide your little learners to achievement.   The child should have access to all their tools within this area and some parents I know even provide a snack and drink area close by to keep their child focused on the task at hand.     

Seeing summer come to a close can be a sad time.  Changing that sadness to excitement can be an adventure, but a fun one!


Tamara Lisby is a Highland Village, TX mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend, and is the owner of Looking Good, a southern Denton County company that can help you with organizational projects, Christmas cards, errands, vacation planning, event planning and much more. Tamara received her undergraduate degree in education and a masters in counseling, along with a certification in business management from SMU and experience in the corporate world in credit, human resources, payroll, payables, receivables and purchasing. Learn more at Contact Tamara at [email protected] or 972-317-2042.

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