Sunday, September 26, 2021

Boy scout honored for heroism

Helping people makes Spencer Biro happy. The Flower Mound High School rising junior and member of Boy Scout Troop 262 was honored in early May for doing just that when he helped save the life of a man at Yosemite National Park who might have died without Biro’s quick thinking.

“Our RV broke down, and we were stranded all day without cell-phone service,” Biro said.

“Danny [a tow truck driver] showed up towards 11p.m. or midnight, and after some work, he crawled under the RV and was removing the drive shaft while my father and I lay on opposite sides of the RV on the ground watching.

“Upon shifting the RV to neutral the drive shaft snapped and landed directly on his forehead, cracking his skull and causing other facial damage including a broken eye-socket and multiple brain hemorrhages.”

That was when Biro reacted.

“I ended up removing the shaft from his head with the help of my father,” Biro said. “My father took his cell phone and walked off to try and call 911. While he was doing that, I crawled under and pulled Danny out from under the RV and laid him on some pillows and began removing blood and trying to keep him calm.

“The [park] rangers ended up coming, and I assisted with loading him onto a backboard. He was care flighted out at the base of the mountain.”

Biro was honored with the Boy Scouts National Heroism Award on May 2, but Biro said he does not really view himself as a hero.

“As a first responder, I did what I should have and what I was trained to do,” Biro said. “I think of it as if I want to be a paramedic, I will be doing that in my day to day life without merit, which is perfectly fine. I would love that because helping people is what makes me happy.”

Biro is a member of the Flower Mound High School drumline and plays lacrosse on the Flower Mound Force Club team.

Biro is also involved in the Lewisville/Flower Mound Teen Court as a prosecution attorney.

The Flower Mound teen said the experience is something he will never forget, and said it has actually helped inspire him in his career aspirations.

“My training in boy scouts and my natural instincts kept me calm and gave me the desire to help,” Biro said. “I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field, and recently before the incident I became greatly interested in the field of emergency technicians [paramedics]. That is what I would like to pursue now.”


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