Gestapo-like tactics used by town council members

If all of the charges, half-truths, and down right mean actions the Argyle Town Council members displayed before the election weren’t bad enough, they are still doing it after the election. 

Before the election, Argyle Town Council members held television and newspaper press conferences expounding on all the dirt opposing candidates might have in their background making the details even bigger than they are.

Argyle Town Council members also knocked on the doors of Argyle citizens with signs in their yard supporting candidates who opposed incumbents and told them why they should not vote for the candidate of their choice, and Argyle Town Council members then flooded the Internet with holier-than-thou rhetoric.

Since Saturday’s election one would think Argyle Town Council members would accept the results and go on with our town’s business, but if singling out people to chastise them for putting signs in their yard because the homeowner opposed an Argyle Town Council member’s selection in candidates wasn’t bad enough, an Argyle Town Council member ls now singling out Argyle citizens by name on the internet and describing them as ringleaders or followers.  I have no idea what people are leading or what they are following, but I do know these Gestapo like tactics and trumped-up charges are frightening. All Argyle citizens need to exercise extreme caution because even innocent bystanders are named as being some kind of enemy. 

What’s next, arm bands, identifying marks on our property, or listed as an enemy?

Dr. Larry Simmons
Argyle, TX

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