Double Oak Police Calls

Recent calls reported by the Double Oak Police Department:

March 26
12:15 a.m.  100 blk. Fox Trot Ln. – Suspicious Circumstances – Officer stopped a motorist for traveling 38 mph in a 30 mph zone on Fox Trot Ln.  Further investigation revealed two juveniles had snuck out of their residence to socialize with the seventeen year old driver.  Parents were contacted and the two juvenile females were released to their mother.

2:00 a.m.  900 blk. Hwy 377, Argyle – Assist Agency – Double Oak Police assisted Argyle PD on traffic stop investigation.

2:34 a.m.  4000 blk. IH 35 W, Northlake – Assist Agency – Double Oak Police assisted Northlake PD on arrest of two persons.

6:00 p.m.  500 blk. Kings Rd. – Found Dog – A Double Oak resident found a golden retriever running loose on their property.  Animal Services Officer Brian Hall was notified.

6:10 p.m.  300 blk. Oakview Dr. – Fireworks Complainant – A concerned citizen reported a loud boom, possibly from fireworks.  Officer searched for, but did not locate, the source of the noise.

March 28
2:12 a.m.  300 blk. Conroe Cir., Lantana – Assist Agency – Double Oak Police assisted Denton County Sheriff’s Office with a family disturbance investigation.  An intoxicated subject was taken into custody after it was determined that he was a danger to himself and others.

1:27 p.m.  200 blk. Cross Timbers – Identity Theft – Complainant reported that their identification had been stolen.

10:20 p.m.  300 blk. Waketon Rd. – Found Property – Double Oak Police Officer found property (softball team equipment / records) on the roadway.  Owner was located and property was returned.

March 29
7:59 a.m.  300 blk. Kings Rd. – 911 Hangup – A citizen inadvertently called 911. 

11:09 a.m.  200 blk. Cedarcrest – Solicitor Complaint – A concerned citizen reported two unknown men knocking on her front door possibly soliciting.  Officers made contact with both young men and determined that they were missionaries wanting to speak about their religion with residents. 

1:25 p.m.  F.M. 407 and Chinn Chapel – Assist Agency –  A Double Oak Officer assisted Highland Village P.D. with traffic control at the scene of a major accident.

11:21 p.m.  300 blk. Redbud St., Argyle – Disturbance – Double Oak Police assisted Argyle PD with investigation of a minor disturbance which was verbal in nature.

March 31
9:53 a.m.  100 blk. Shady Oaks Ln. – Alarm – A housekeeper inadvertently triggered the residential alarm.

3:29 p.m.  200 blk. Foxtrot Ln. – Alarm – A housekeeper inadvertently triggered the residential alarm.

12:20 p.m.  100 blk. Lake Trail Dr. – Suspicious Circumstances – A resident reported unfamiliar vehicles in the neighbors driveway.  Officers were unable to located the vehicles but did check the house and found no evidence of criminal activity.

April 12
2:35 a.m.  15000 blk. W Hwy 35 – Assist Agency – Argyle PD requested assistance with transport of multiple arrestees to the Denton County Jail.

8:33 a.m.  100 blk. Chapel Hill Dr. – Alarm Call – Officer responded to an alarm call.  Residence was secure.

2:27 p.m.  300 blk. Waketon Rd. – Identity Theft – A Double Oak resident reported that their identity had been stolen and used to create fraudulent documents.

3:02 p.m.  100 blk. Meadow Knoll – Civil Dispute – A Double Oak citizen reported a dispute with a contractor.

7:12 p.m.  6400 blk. Kings Rd. – Criminal Mischief – Unknown teen male suspects were throwing apples at passing vehicles.  Complainant believes they were videotaping their actions.

9:02 p.m.  100 blk. Creekside Dr. – Suspicious Circumstances – A homeowner found a window screen on the ground and was concerned about a person attempting to make entry.  No other evidence of criminal activity was detected.

April 13
3:48 a.m.  100 blk. 100 blk. N. Park Ln. – Alarm – Homeowner forgot to shut and lock the door.  No crime detected.

7:12 p.m.  7000 blk. Justin Rd. – Minor Accident – While on patrol officer drove up on a minor accident between two cars with no injuries.  A State of Texas blue form was issued to both motorists.

10:47 p.m.  8000 blk. Justin Rd. – Alarm – An employee accidentally triggered the building alarm.

April 14
10:07 a.m.  100 blk. Royal Oaks Dr. – Loose Dog – Patrol officer located a white and orange dog wandering free in town.  Attempts were made to contact the owner and the dog was returned to its enclosure.  A helpful neighbor reported that the dog gets loose several times a day.  Animal control was notified about the recurring problem.

April 15
4:18 p.m.  300 blk. Waketon – Identity Theft – A Double Oak citizen reported that their identification had been stolen and used to obtain checks which were subsequently cashed.

4:18 p.m.  8000 blk. FM 407 – Assist Agency – Double Oak officer was dispatched to assist a stranded motorist. 

1:40 p.m.  100 blk Highview – Alarm – Officer responded to the alarm and determined that the residence was secure.

April 16
12:10 p.m.  500 blk. Mulberry Dr., Bartonville – Welfare Concern – Bartonville and Double Oak officers checked on a persons well being.

12:19 a.m.  1100 blk. Hickory Hill Dr., Argyle – Assist Agency – At the request of Grapevine Police Department officers followed up on a robbery / assault complaint.

April 17
10:18 a.m.  400 blk. Brown Cliff Ct. – Smoke Investigation – Officer assisted Double Oak Fire Department with a smoke investigation.

April 18
8:27 a.m.  200 blk. Meadowknoll – Noise Complaint – Anonymous citizen reported a lot of machinery noise and cars in the area.  Officer did not locate the source of the excessive noise.

8:22 p.m.  100 blk. Park Ln. – Illegal Burning – An officer assisted the Fire Department with responding to an illegal burning complaint.

10:22 p.m.  100 blk. Park Ln. – Suspicious Vehicle – A concerned citizen observed a suspicious vehicle parked at the end of their street. 

10:44 p.m.  1000 blk. Roadrunner Rd, Bartonville – Assist Agency – Double Oak PD assisted Bartonville PD on a “man with a gun” call.  Dispatch advised that a known person was waving a gun around threatening harm to himself.  Subject surrendered to responding officers and showed them the location of the firearm. 

April 19
11:40 a.m.  500 blk. Simmons – Animal Complaint – Concerned citizen reported neighborhood dogs chasing joggers.  Officers were unable to locate the loose dogs.

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