Why Me?

Why Me?

As a small business owner and a CPA in practice for myself I have to answer that question on a daily basis.  My frequent response centers on education, technical knowledge, experience, integrity and service at a fair price. 

So my message to the voters of Flower Mound is very similar. I believe I offer a long track record of action that has benefited Flower Mound, the LISD and Denton County.  I have focused my efforts on helping children, schools and various charities throughout the area.  Further, I have been asked to help our new local hospital and the Flower Mound Community Development Corporation get off to a proper start.  And I participate in helping ensure the Town of Flower Mound maintains its very high standards as a Commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

In 2006, I embarked on these efforts with a relationship with Communities in Schools of North Texas.  I was a mentor to two at-risk boys in Hedrick Elementary school.  I helped them learn the importance of school and helped them just have some fun rather than return to an empty home.

In July 2007, I was asked to join the board of the Friends of the Flower Mound Library.  I was asked to become Treasurer and take over the role of bookkeeper and tax preparer.  During this time I helped raise funds which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars being presented to the Town of Flower Mound Library. 

Then in February 2008, I was asked to join the Board of the Lewisville Education Foundation.  Upon taking the office of Treasurer and a place on the Finance Committee and Executive Committee I took action to review the Foundation Practices and meet with its auditor and financial advisor.  In the course of the past three years, I have authored numerous policy statements including the Board Investment Policy Statement.  Further, I have led the board’s monthly financial review.  My efforts can be measured in a favorable audit opinion, a balanced budget and the largest balance in the Foundation’s reserve fund in its twenty year history. 

During this same time period I was asked to participate on the initial board of the Town of Flower Mound Community Development Corporation.  I was elected Treasurer at its first official meeting.  This organization is tasked with the proper control of sales tax revenue to be spent on parks and recreation projects for the benefit of the Town’s citizens.  During my period on this board we routinely spent less than taken in, properly planned for future projects and I personally toured most sites for which we would later spend funds to improve.  I always placed the interests of the Town first and watched every dollar spent as if it were my own.

Later in 2008, Flower Mound was blessed with the news of a new hospital.  As it began to move toward reality I was asked to step up and participate as one of the four citizen members of the Hospital Board of Governors.  This board has met now for three years and involved countless hours of review of policies, procedures, budgets and results.  These actions have led to a hospital that Flower Mound can be proud of.

Then in 2009, I was added to the Flower Mound Planning and Zoning Commission.  I would characterize my actions as those taken to ensure the health and quality of life of the citizens of Flower Mound are addressed and cared for.  I most often find myself listening to the voice of the people and weighing the expressed desire of the people.  Further, I have never been shy to stand up and be a sole voice of dissension where I did not agree with proposed action.

So when considering a vote for me, you have a record of action to consider along with a nearly three year voting record.  I am proud of my actions and welcome discussion with anyone seeking further information.  So please vote for me for Flower Mound Town Council Place One on May 14.

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