Energy independence not a factor in local deliberations

The Cross Timbers Gazette recently published a lengthy letter from Virginia Moore, with whom I served on Flower Mound’s Oil & Gas Advisory Board, softly criticizing that board for its myopia.  She implied that the Board did not give much attention “to economic or political issues associated with energy independence”.  Virginia may disagree, but we gave it all of the attention that it deserved.  To be fair, Virginia may actually believe that urban drilling in Flower Mound is a solution for U.S. energy independence.  I don’t.  As I told her at the time, and as I continue to challenge any who use this red herring clarion call, let’s stay on topic.  We can discuss energy independence once our government allows drilling in Anwar and lifts the moratorium in the gulf.  In both places setbacks are substantially larger than any we considered during our deliberations.

Alfredo Sanchez
Place 4, Flower Mound Oil & Gas Advisory Board
Flower Mound, TX

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