FMPD reports lower crime rate

A summary of 2010 crime statistics released by the Town Flower Mound Police Department shows a seven percent reduction in the total crime rate and a decrease in response times.

The 2010 crime statistics summary includes a variety of statistical categories, most of which were lower than those reported in 2009.

According to the FMPD, Total Reported Offenses are down 7 percent, Assaultive Offenses are down 15 percent, Total Burglaries are down 5 percent, Burglaries of Vehicles are down 21 percent, and Burglaries of Buildings are down 13 percent.

The 2010 statistics mark the fourth consecutive year that Flower Mound has experienced a decrease in the rate of overall offenses reported, the lowest since 2000.

“The 2010 statistics serve as a reminder of how fortunate we are to have such a responsive police department in Flower Mound,” said Mayor Melissa Northern.

“I applaud their continual drive to improve service, increase efficiency, place more officers on the streets, and ensure our town remains a safe community in which to raise a family.”     

Despite the overall decrease in a majority of crimes, the FMPD remained busy as illustrated by a 2 percent increase in arrests.

In addition, the department also reported that response times to calls for police service decreased from an average of 3:58 to 3:11 for priority one calls, and from 3:59 to 3:18 for priority two calls.

Priority one calls for service include crimes in progress and major accidents, and priority two calls are typically for less-urgent needs including residential alarm activity, non-injury vehicle accidents, and incidents that are not currently in-progress.

FMPD officials attribute the lower crime rates and decreased response times to staffing and patrol improvements funded through the dedicated crime control sales tax, the placement of additional officers on the streets, an increased number of police beats, a dedicated staff, and the assistance of department volunteers.

In addition, technology upgrades, such as mobile global positioning (GPS) devices that allow dispatch officers to monitor the exact location of all police units in real-time and quickly determine which officer can respond to a call for service in the least amount of time, have greatly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the department, officials said.

The statistics support data recently provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the annual “Crime in the United States” report. This document recognized Flower Mound as having the second lowest crime rate in the United States and the lowest in Texas within the Town’s population category. The agency also cited Flower Mound as having the lowest ranking (per population) in the State of Texas categories of Crime Rate, Total Reported Crime, Violent Crime, and Property Crime.

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