Touched by an Angel

I wanted to tell you about an angel we found in the Highland Village area.  My Mother and Father just started their retirement on December 31st 2010, and to celebrate this new beginning to their lives, they came to Highland Village for a few months to spend some much needed time with their three year old Grandson.  The visit was well deserved and made one little boy very happy.  Upon their arrival, my mother came down with a little cold and was spending the day trying to kick her cough.  My Dad went to the store that morning to get her some medicine to try and make her recovery quick. When he arrived at the Tom Thumb on FM 407 on January 11th he missed one of the cement parking stops in the lot and took quite a tumble.  His fall resulted in a broken nose, bruised up knee and dislocated finger, but even with that there is a shining light in this story.  When he fell, a lady that was entering the store stopped to help my Dad.  She did not just brush off a “are you ok” as she rushed by.  She stopped, helped him up, brushed him off, and even went out of her way to offer to drive him home.  Now, these days it takes a lot of courage for a woman to make this offer, and we will be forever grateful to this lady.  My father declined her offer so I will never know who this lady is, but it fills me with so much happiness that there are still people out there like this.  I am so happy to be a Highland Village resident and to be surrounded by people who still care and are still willing to take time out of their day to help others.  My Mother and Father are so very important to me and there is nothing I would not do for them to help return all they have done for me, and if there is any way I could thank this stranger, I would.  So, if by any chance she is reading this letter, thank you so much not only for helping my Dad when he needed someone, but for passing on some kindness and rebuilding my faith in people.  

Tamara Lisby
Highland Village, TX

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