Saturday, November 26, 2022

Frugal mom shares secrets

The old adage “A penny saved is a penny earned,” has certainly proven true for Flower Mound resident Laura Thornquist, who has made frugality a way of life and the basis of her latest successful career.

The downturn in the economy in 2008 forced many people to make lifestyle changes, but Thornquist took that challenge to a whole new level, learning techniques to save and earn money for consumers.

Now, instead of working as a television anchor, she has a website called that is causing quite a buzz throughout the Metroplex.  Many area women learned tips and strategies from her at September’s Women of Flower Mound meeting, where Thornquist was the featured speaker.

She told the group she was hugely impacted by the changing economy, and in late 2008 that meant job losses and transfers. Thornquist and her husband of 18 years moved to Flower Mound along with their two children, now 13 and 4.

“That’s when I discovered a new frugal way of living. After learning valuable coupon strategies, I have become hooked on “frugality”! It has changed my life and I am forever grateful,” Thornquist said.

She had been in the television news industry for more than 20 years before the move, and that’s when she decided to do something that would provide more “normal” hours and a more stable routine for her family. She had worked as a news anchor in Billings, MT, Denver, CO, and Kansas City, MO. And, although she left TV for a while, you can now see her on WFAA Channel 8 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during the local news where she shares her tips with viewers under the moniker of “The Money Saving Mom”.

Attendees at the Women of Flower Mound meeting were treated to several tips and money saving strategies, such as couponing, shopping the sales, using Facebook to get special deals from their favorite retailers, and more.

“Don’t be afraid to use a coupon,” Thornquist told the group. “Don’t feel cheap.” She added that there are five things shoppers should never have to pay more than a dollar for if they use coupons and shop the sales: toothpaste, shampoo, razors, body soap and deodorant.

Using her techniques and strategies, Thornquist said she spent a total of $320 last year on her entire family’s Christmas, and there were gifts galore. “Just wait,” she told the crowd. “The deals are still coming!”

For more money saving ideas from The Money Saving Mom, check out her website at

The next meeting of The Women of Flower Mound will be Tuesday, October 12, at 6:30 p.m. at Z Grill in Flower Mound. Guests are welcome, and you don’t have to be a Flower Mound resident to visit or join. October’s speaker will be Jeff McKissack of Defense by Design. He is a noted authority in the field of preventing violent crimes. For more information on The Women of Flower Mound or the October meeting, visit

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