Sunday, September 25, 2022

Lantana forum addresses drug issues

Members of the Denton County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit, including an undercover police officer, educated a crowd of about 40 parents and children about illegal drug dangers at a drug prevention presentation on June 1 at Lantana’s North Amenity Center.

Attendees learned that over $20-30 million in drugs are seized every year in Denton County. Marijuana and designer drugs are the most prevalent. The abuse of prescription drugs is also very common.

Authorities said that many illegal drugs have brand names like Playboy Bunny, Superman, Mitsubishi, and White Bunny. This branding helps the traffickers more effectively sell their drugs on the street.

There are nine drug enforcement officers in Denton County covering 900 square miles.

Sheriff’s officials encouraged parents to monitor their children’s cell phone calls and text messages.

Donitta Palmier, Crime Watch Captain for Navarro from the McGruff House, organized the event.

Interested parents should contact Palmier at 940-725-3047 to obtain reference materials from the event.

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