Sunday, October 2, 2022

The Pedicure Dilemma – How to avoid agony of the feet

With summer right around the corner, ladies everywhere are ready to pull out the sandals and dream about the long-awaited beach vacation.  For some of us, the mere notion that this summertime dream may not be an attainable reality just yet will not prevent us from having beach-ready toes…just in case.

No matter what hard times befall, most ladies will hold on to the pedicure as the last luxury that they are willing to sacrifice, sort of like an addiction to drinking diet soda.  It just makes us feel better.

In light of recent findings by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the common pedicure is under the microscope now more than ever for the potential spread of bacterial infections which may be more widespread than originally thought.  The State of Texas is taking the prevention of staph infection or other infectious diseases transmitted while receiving pedicures very seriously by increasing measures to closely monitor and improve where necessary the sanitation practices of the 26,400 licensed salons that offer nail services.

This is why Bryan Nguyen, manager of Highland Nails in Flower Mound for the last eight years, takes pride in offering his clientele the safest and best experience possible for pedicures.  By using disposable foot bath liners for every client as well as the Sani-Smart Jet, each client has a fresh environment and peace of mind for the most relaxing experience.

“Generally speaking, in our industry there is a lack of time between clients to completely sanitize the foot bath and jets.  That’s why our new system ensures maximum protection from an infection for our clients,” said Nguyen.  “Everything that appears to be clean is not necessarily so; that’s why we are using an EPA hospital grade disinfectant and an M11 Autoclave to sterilize all instrumentation, including our new magnetic Luraco jets designed to work with the disposable liners.  We offer the safest environment available in the industry now.”

Other measures that minimize the potential risk of developing an infection are the avoidance of shaving 24 hours prior to the pedicure and making sure that instrumentation has been individually sterilized and packaged, another service offered by Highland Nails.

Callous razors should not be used as they are currently illegal in most states; files are the accepted alternative and help to deter an unexpected break in the skin which can lead to infection.  Those with circulation problems or diabetes should be most careful when receiving a pedicure as they have the highest risk of infection.

Pedicures have evolved over the last twenty years from standard foot care to a modern hygiene necessity for everyone from professionals to “tweens” to soccer moms in our fast-paced society.  In a world that rarely gets a glimpse of the naked nail anymore, something as relaxing and soothing as a pedicure should never cause worry or fear.  With the proper precautions in place, the only dilemma faced should be green tea or margarita…OPI Red or Shanghai Shimmer…sand or sea.

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