Sunday, September 25, 2022

Need to stay the course

Two years ago John Thomas wrote, “I had thought that the era of vindictive politics was over. We had finally elected a group of people to the Town Council who were not controlled by a political machine.  We had elected a mayor, in Jody Smith, who came into office with a fine history of community service.  Community service in the finest sense of the phrase, not geared for a political resume.”  Two years later I see that we are still in the era of vindictive politics and that, yet again we are moving towards being controlled by a political machine.  Silly situations are being blown into nationwide ordeals, the mayor is having her character smeared….it just goes on and on. This political season I have seen that John Thomas was correct.  Politics in Flower Mound is a contact sport

For many years now, when campaign season came around my father would sit down to write at least one letter to the editor. My response would always be, “Aw dad, do you have to.  We have to live here you know.”   At campaign time no one was safe from the possibility of having a letter to editor by John Thomas appear in the paper about them.  It may be in their favor or it may not be, and it no doubt would make groups of people angry, but that is not what mattered to my dad.  All he cared about was making sure the truth was known and the best candidate for the position was backed.  He wanted to make sure that the town was not controlled by a political machine, but run by people who truly cared about the citizens in this fine town. This year dad is not here to write one of those letters.  I may not be as politically active as he was or as smooth talking as he was, but there needs to be a Thomas backing Jody.

Jody is a wonderful person and mayor who has served this town selflessly for six years. She does not have a political agenda as many people make it seem. She is working for this town to make it the best place for people to raise their families. I would hope that any citizen of Flower Mound would want this in a mayor.

We need to stay the course with a mayor who has a proven record of community service, who represents the people of Flower Mound with grace.  I support Jody Smith for mayor. 

Erin Thomas
Flower Mound, TX

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