Saturday, November 26, 2022

Town approves two drilling pads

Williams’ proposals for its Smith B and C drilling pads in Flower Mound were approved nearly unanimously by the town’s gas board on Wednesday evening, April 21.


Citizens who attended the meeting spoke in favor of the company’s setback allowances for a pond, trees and low-lying areas by an estimated margin of more than five-to-one.


Smith Pads B& C did not contain any variance requests for noise ordinances or residential setbacks. All houses are beyond 1,000 feet from both drilling pads.


Williams has never asked for a residential variance in Flower Mound dating back to its first local well in 2005, with the exception of one leaseholder who lives approximately 935 feet away from one pad and ok’d the decision.


Additionally, based on the topography of the Smith property, any drop of water that hits the B & C pads (i.e. rainfall) would have to travel more than 1,100 feet before reaching a flood plain, which is more than double what the ordinance requires.


Williams plans to drill six natural gas wells from these two pads initially, although additional wells are possible subject to permitting, geologic success and other factors.


Approximately 400 leases (and even more lessors) in Flower Mound are included in the development.


“This was a thoughtful, orderly plan,” says Tony Silvestri, Williams’ regional vice president.


“We preserved more trees, added additional ones, looked at how small we could make the pads and put more distance between them and environmental areas.


“We’re really grateful for the outstanding show of support we saw from the community. We will continue to work very hard to earn respect and to work with a broad array of stakeholders.”


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